Ashes/remains Urn Bracelet

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Are you looking for a discreet piece of jewelry to keep close to you, and remind you of a loved one, or perhaps the loss of a pet? This quality leather bracelet, stainless steel circle of life urn pendant and stainless clasp will ensure you keep that loved on close for ever.

It is unisex and can be made to fit any wrist. Please contact me with any personal preferences for leather colours or style and i'll do my best to accomodate.

A beautiful gift for yourself or a friend/family member, the perfectly round circle of life pendant has a screw and small void, which allows you to fill with ashes, hair or anything small enough that reminds you of that special one.

KIT - You will receive with your order, the tools to fill and seal the urn..and instructions to help.

CLASP - The clasp is stainless steel with a snap close mechanism, to ensure the safety of your treasured beads.

FINISH - The stainless steel circle of life has a ' matte' finish .

SIZING - We need to know your exact wrist size (not the finished bracelet size). Please see the size conversion chart in the listing photos and then select your size from the drop down menu.


1. Select wrist 'size' from the drop down menu.
2. Hit the 'Add to cart' button and go to your cart to follow the checkout process.

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