Mens Bracelet - Brown Leather Bracelet - Personalised Name Bead Bracelet - Mens leather bracelet -Fathers Day gift - Custom Cuff

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Brown vintage braided double leather bracelet and pure silver personalised bead or beads.

The clasp we use is a matt silver stainless steel with a snap close mechanism , to ensure safety of your treasured beads. ( *These clasps are the most secure that we have researched and experimented with BUT, have been known to occasionally be snapped open when in the position of working at a desk top computer with the wrist facing down . If you think this could be an issue , please advise when ordering and I will move the clasp into an angled position. )

Please choose how many lines you would like on the bead ( ie name and date bead would be two lines ) , from the options . Each line can fit approx 10 maximum characters . The more names the bigger the bead - there is also the option of having two beads . Please see photos .

If you would like the text to read horizontally across the length of the bead - this is possible but any names longer than 5 or 6 characters in text will mean a bigger bead - please refer to the options/variations on checkout . You can have more than one name with this option but size of bead will be determined by the longest name ..

Matte or Polish Bead - The pure silver bead can be finished with a mirror shine, a matte duller finish or a brushed finish with a little patina giving a ' dirty' look. The default will be a polished shine- please state if you would like a different finish at checkout.

What is Fine Silver ?
Fine silver is pure silver , or 99.9 % silver as opposed to Sterling silver with 92.5 % . You could say it is more precious ...and more desirable .

Please use these conversions to help you choose your exact wrist size (not finished bracelet size) during checkout...
15 cm 5.90 Inches
16 cm 6.29 Inches
17 cm 6.69 Inches
18 cm 7.08 Inches
19 cm 7.4 Inches
20 cm 7.87 Inches
21 cm 8.2 Inches

Would you like to give your bracelet more of a ' wrap ' feel ? Add this additional ' Bulk My Bracelet ' listing to your order for a four or six cord antique brown quality leather wrap, find it here..