Optional Add-On - 4 Customised Silver Beads - Print Bead

* ADD-ON listing only - must be purchased WITH a bracelet *
Craft a one-of-a-kind bracelet with our customizable Print silver beads, meticulously designed to elevate the personal touch and cherished memories of your selected design. Each bead is crafted from high-quality pure silver, ensuring lasting beauty and significance. Capture the essence of your memories with a variety of print options, from precious hand and footprints to beloved furry friend paw and nose prints, among many others. A timeless treasure to hold close, forever honouring the moments that matter most.

Available in polished or matte finishes. We recommend matching the finishes of all beads on your bracelet.

NOTE: Customised Silver Beads MUST be purchased with a bracelet. If no bracelet is ordered, your purchase will be refunded.