The Magic

Our signature leather bracelets with personalised silver beads are designed for those who typically shy away from jewellery. These pieces maintain a stylish yet understated aesthetic without excessive glitz, appealing to both men and women. Our focus is on crafting a masculine edge while infusing each piece with personal, sentimental value through our fully customizable, pure silver engraved beads.

These beads are meticulously crafted from PMC (Precious Metal Clay), a unique form of silver that enables our designers to hand-sculpt metal into meaningful keepsakes. Starting as a pliable substance, PMC is shaped, textured, and finally fired in a kiln to achieve a robust purity of 99.9% fine silver, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish. This process transforms the clay into a precious keepsake that holds your cherished memories close.

In crafting these personalised bracelets, we aim to create an exclusive, durable piece that not only stands out in its minimalistic elegance but also resonates deeply on a personal level. Dive into the craftsmanship that makes Bare Hands Bracelets a beacon for those desiring a unique connection through our bespoke jewellery.