Optional Add-On - Silver Accessory Beads

* ADD-ON listing only - must be purchased WITH a bracelet *
Create a truly personalised bracelet by adding multiple silver accessory beads to your bracelet order. These quality stainless steel beads are designed to compliment your chosen leather bracelet and enhance the look you wish to achieve.

Available in polished or matte finishes. We recommend matching the finishes of all beads on your bracelet.

** No personalisation is possible. Add your custom text to our pure silver beads in the bracelet listings.

- Sturdy silver stainless steel beads
- 2 bead finishes - polished or matte
- Fits your bracelet from our shop


1. Choose a bracelet from our shop and add to shopping cart.
2. Select number of silver accessory beads and bead finish from menu.
3. Proceed to checkout.

SHIPPING: Postage is complimentary with your bracelet order.

NOTE: Accessory beads MUST be purchased with a bracelet. If no bracelet is ordered, your purchase will be refunded.
CUSTOMISATIONS: Want more beads? Hit the Message button to make your request.
Thank you for shopping at Bare Hands Bracelets!