The Magic

Bracelets for people who don't wear jewellery ' was a recent description of one of our most popular unique products .. our personalised silver bead , leather bracelets . An effort had been made to keep our designs uniquely stylish , yet subtle and without too much ' bling ' factor .

Not being a huge wearer of jewellery in the past myself , I have tried to design a range for men and women, that are unique in style and particularly focusing on a more masculine design , whilst incorporating a personal, perhaps sentimental aspect by including our fully customisable, pure silver engraved beads into the design . 

The beads are cast in a complex process involving pure silver clay, a steady hand and a little TLC - culminating in a really special way to capture those closest to you , and keep them close to you in the form of a precious and entirely unique keepsake. 

A brief explaination of the pure silver we work with - PMC.....

PMC [Precious Metal Clay] is a unique form of silver that allows jewelry designers to form and sculpt metal by hand. 

Initially soft and pliable – just like clay used for pottery – PMC can be rolled; molded; textured with stamps or other materials, including natural materials like leaves; shaped into abstract forms by “slumping” the clay over an armature or around objects - such as a pen or straw to make beads as in our case .

The very fine particles of precious metal are mixed with water and an organic binder to produce the metal clay. After the piece is shaped, it is dried to a leather-hard state, whereupon it can be sanded smooth, or carved and refined before being fired in a small jeweler’s kiln at high temperatures [1100°F-1675°F] – some clay users, use a torch or stove top to fire, but this can result in a not fully sintered ( fired ) silver and as a result a softer and weaker finished product. We use a kiln for all our beads and especially rings which require maximum strength. 

The result is a one-of-a-kind fine silver which is 99.9 % pure.